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Contractors and visitors attending Champions IGA Supermarkets for work-related matters (not in the capacity of a customer) must sign in and out of the premises via the QR code on display.

Whilst on the premises, such visitors are employed by and representing their individual employer and must follow all of their respective company procedures and WHS policies.

By signing into a Champions IGA workplace via the QR code, the visitor additionally agrees that the following protocols will be observed at all times whilst on a Champions IGA site:


  • Champions IGA staff, customers and visitors are to be treated with courtesy and in a strictly professional manner at all times

  • All Victorian occupational health and safety legislation must be adhered to

  • Safe working practices must be followed, with reasonable care taken for your own and others' health and safety

  • Any necessary PPE must be used as required

  • Any incidents/accidents or identified hazards must be reported immediately to the Champions IGA Store or Duty Manager present 

  • Attendees are not to act in a manner that is contrary to the interests of Champions IGA, that may bring Champions IGA into disrepute, or cause loss or damage to the business

  • Attendees must protect any Champions IGA confidential and private information that may be acquired whilst on-site

Should you have any questions regarding the Conditions of Entry, please clarify with the Store/Duty Manager prior to acceptance.


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